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Hello dear friend!

This is the official website of Elena Katygorokh, professional piano, vocal and harp teacher with European Conservatory education. She is a tutor with a great experience who helps you to learn music. 

Elena has developed and successfully applied a very effective method of learning to play the harp and piano.  This technique will allow to reduce training time and of course - safe your money.

 Every year Elena's students passing ABRSM Exam with Distinction or Merit result. Success stories of students confirms the efficiency of the method.

You will learn how to read music , you learn how to ‘play-by-ear’ and eventually you will be able to play some amazing Classical pieces.

Enjoy a carefully planned, results-oriented program. It’s easy and fun to learn with Elena!

The Ultimate Method for Learning

  • Professional with real-world experience and conservatory education
  • Accommodating any age with any level of music skills
  • Effective Studying Method Developed over a 15 year period
  • Experienced by more than 1,000 students
  • You'll learn to play harp or piano 2-3 times faster
  • Free Trial Lesson
  • Many Student testimonials and Success Stories

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New Standard of Music Lessons

Music Lessons are modified for each unique student and designed to let them reach their maximum potential.

Lessons will include thorough instruction in technique, maintenance, musicianship, practice techniques, rhythm training, music theory, sight-reading.

Every year Elena's students apply for an ABRSM Exams, usually with  Distinction or Merit results.

A lot of her students participate in international music competitions.

Hundreds of her students take part in special concerts at HK City Hall , Hong Kong Harp Festival,HK St. Johns Cathedral , HK Sheraton Hotel , HK Harbour Grand Hotel , Shangrilla Hotel and etc

The Benefits of Music Lessons

  • It improves academic skills.
  • It develops physical skills.
  • It cultivates social skills.
  • It refines discipline and patience.
  • It introduces children to other cultures.
  • Music builds imagination and intellectual curiosity
  • Music lessons Increase IQ.
  • Development in creative thinking.
  • Success in society.
  • Increased coordination.

Music developes the Whole Child

Our music servises deliver all of this:

Students say:

Open the Amazing World of Music

Harp , Piano Lessons connect young people with the sheer joy of music. Stimulating the mind and the imagination through sound, music is a language all its own.

For children, music lessons are the first and most important step to making that language their very own.

Elena"s Mother

Elena and her mother at the first performance

Music Lessons with Elena

Students have the opportunity for group training so that they can hear other students and learn to listen with a critical and musical ear.

Elena provides idea that students need to give at least one public performance each month. All harp students take part in regular performance classes for harp music.

Elena"s Mother

"I would like to open the amazing world of the music for everyone"

I wish that every parent would open the amazing world of music for their kids as my mother did for me . Having music in my heart has shown me that I can be myself and live happily.

If you want to laugh often, win the respect of nice people and the affection of children, appreciate beauty, find the best in others, let music enter your soul.


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Phone: +852 60768091

WhatsApp: +852 60768091

Email: harpinhk@googlemail.com

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